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Vip Consult IT Centre covers the main IT areas to fully serve your needs. We are the all in one solution that will foster the performance of your business and help you reach better results. Our company implements the idea of one point of contact – you are one phone call away from complete IT support. Save your time and resources by choosing a company that can support your entire business.

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The range of services we are dealing with is constantly expanding due to the changing needs of our clientele. They vary within the following sectors:

Founded in 2005, Vip Consult is now leading IT Company in Bournemouth. Plenty of businesses and private clients around the United Kingdom benefit from our services on a daily basis. We like to treat our customers with integrity and respect, which in our language is simply translated into "Provide the highest quality service for the shortest period of time on the most reasonable price!"

Entering Vip Consult means all requirements that make your company successful, will be fulfilled at once. Our goal is to be the single choice of any company, when it comes to IT solutions!

Once you enter our office, you will meet our team of highly educated professionals, who are experts in their fields and always motivated to provide the highest quality service for you!

To give you some insights about Vip Consult, the way we work is by following some guiding principles:

- Innovative and visionary ideas are key to continuous improvement and prosperity!

- Always treat the customers like our best friends – honesty is of prime importance!

- Deadlines are kept as promised!

We listen to the feedback from our customers and we apply it accordingly to our work. We want to prove how good communication and professionalism can really bring the business to another level. We are dedicated to maintain the positive growth of our company and we are ready for every challenge!
Vip Consult IT Office Center
Latest Case Studies
Project Details:
This case was undoubtedly an interesting one!!!

We were approached by a company in need for a technician to replace their failed flash array controller from pure storage. The new controller was delayed by one day leading to rescheduling the initial appointment we have made. Once it arrived, we were ready for the swap.

The new controller was...
Project Details:
For this particular installation we have used a newly purchased Dell T110 power edge server.
The specifications of the server allowed us to setup a local as well as online file sharing system. For the local and the online file sharing we made sure everything is as safe as possible, thus we included different user levels. The online file sharing in particular allows any...
Project Details:
We came across a new and interesting project thanks to Let Direct Company. We replaced their outdated Letting Agency Website with the latest Drupal Content management system. Its functionality increased significantly and we are very proud of the result.

The main content structure includes around 10 static pages, two contact forms and two dynamic pages. The...
Project Details:
The project involved improving the existing Ethernet network and installing the newest Windows Server 2008. We took care of setting up everything properly and creating specific share groups with various privileges.

Our team is now responsible for monitoring and long term server maintenance, in order to make sure that everything develops the way we expect to....
Project Details:
Raid server, or also known as Redundant Array of Independent Disks, is a storage technology that integrates multiple disk drive components into a logical unit. Raid 5 Server requires all drivers but one to be present to operate normally.

The server of the Cash Registers Company is using an Adaptec Raid 5 controller and the existing storage was gradually running out...
Project Details:
JP Morgan is a data center in Bournemouth that had a problem with their fax server. Our team did an immediate onsite visit to explore the situation closely.
JP Morgan complained that the server lost network connectivity. After we examined, we found out surprising news. The diagnostic showed, the cause is not related to the server itself, but to an unstable voltage power...
Project Details:

Vip Consult has succeed once more in completing the security system for one of the well known language schools in our home town – BEET Language Center.

The way we achieved that was through installing eight night vision cameras.
The highest quality of the image taken by the cameras is due to the 600TVL resolution, which displays every detail perfectly....
Total Cost: £1721