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Alarm Package Functions Comparison

WiredWired ProWirelessWireless Pro
Maximum Sensors424630
Anti Vandal Protectionnoyesnoyes
Maintenance Frequency1 years3 years3 months1 year
Multi Users Controlnoyesnoyes
GSM Dialerbuilt-inoptionalbuilt-inoptional
Landline Daileryesoptionalyesoptional
LCD Keyboardnoyesnoyes
Remote Controlyesnoyesyes
Control via phoneyesnoyesno
Entry Logsnoyesnoyes
Wifi Repeatern/an/anoyes
Proximity Tagsnoyesnoyes
Relay Moduleyesyesyesyes
Maintenance Frequency - this specifies maintenance frequency expectations. For example replacing batteries, testing sensors etc.

Anti Vandal Protection - the alarm has a built in protection against sensors and alarm tamper.

Multi Users Control - defines whether the alarm system can have different password for arming and disarming. This is extremely useful for large organizations to remove and add employees to the alarm system quickly and efficiently.

GSM/Landline Dailer - you can connect your system to an existing landline or mobile network to quickly notify you for alarm events.

Scheduler - the scheduler allows you arm and disarm the system at a given time. This simplifies the alarm control and avoids human error when the last person leaving the premises forgets to arm the system.

LCD Keyboard - the LCD keyboard is used for manual arming and disarming of the system and reading the system logs. Most advanced keyboards have a tag reader which allows arming and disarming the system using portable plastic tag.

Proximity Tags - when the system supports a keyboard with proximity key tag reader, you can use them for simplified arming and disarming instead of using set password. This avoids false alarms on occasions where the user forgets the password.

Remote Control - you can arm and disarm the system using a portable keyfob remote control

Control via phone - some alarm systems that support landline of GSM dialer allow you to dial the alarm system directly. After providing the user password you can arm or disarm the system remotely.

Entry Logs - the alarm system keeps a log for different events - arming and disarming time for each user, motion sensors functions, last alarm event etc.

Relay Module - with this module you can set the alarm to control and electrical appliance in your premises. For example it would be very practical to set the lights when the alarm is triggered.

Wifi Repeater -this module amplifies the wireless signal so it allows you to cover large areas or for building with thick walls.