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What is CCTV DVR and how does it work?

Video recorders are not as simple as they used to be 10 years ago. These days even the basic video recorders can do a lot more than just recording video. A Digital Video Recorded is very simplified computer system and most of them run on a Linux operating system.

High Quality DVR DVR Software

DVR include the following features:

  • Up to 25fps real time recording with settings to change the recording quality.
    When the recording quality is reduced on the same storage device you can record a more footage. For example on 500 GB hard drive with the highest recording settings you can record up to 2-3 weeks and on lower quality recordings can go up to 1 month of recording. Recording can be set based on 24 hours non stop recording, based on motion detection, or scheduled for given dates and times.
  • Audio Recording allows every camera to record sound with a high sensitive microphone which covers up to 30 sq. meters.
  • Internet Access allow live monitoring from anywhere using the internet connection. All settings can be changed remotely and video footage can be downloaded to your local computer
  • Advanced Search based on time or motion detection. The most advanced recorders show detection graph so you can see the motion density through the whole day.
  • Local and remote backup. In case you need provide video evidence you have the option to download the video recording directly on your computer to record on a disk or put on a USB flash drive.
  • Motion and recording masking. You can use the masking feature to hide areas in the recording or ignore motion detection for certain areas or the viewing area.
  • Users Management allow you to set different access levels. For example one user can be the administrator of the DVR where another user is only allowed to monitor the recordings
  • Different alarms can be set to notify you via email or to trigger an alarm sound when there is motion or video loss.
  • For PTZ cameras you can control the camera position and zoom settings directly from the DVR using the remote control or via the internet access control panel

My existing CCTV has very poor quality, can you help?
When your cctv has quality issues this can be caused by the DVR resolution or the cameras resolution. When you have some interference like lines or flickering, this is caused by loos cable connections or the quality of the cables itself.
In any case we can replace the weak link to improve your CCTV quality.
I have a 4 channel CCTV system can I upgrade?
For existing cc tv installations in most cases we can use the existing cables and the existing cameras, but to add more cameras we will need to run the additional cables and replace the existing DVR to connect the new cameras.
How do I access the CCTV using my desktop computer or laptop?
There are two way of accessing your CCTV from your computer. Using the CCTV software or using a standard Internet Explorer Browser.
For most people the internet explorer browser is a better option as it doesn't require any setup and most people are very familiar with ints interface.
We will setup domain name like so you can type it directly in the internet epxlorer address.
The remote access is protected with a login and we can setup up unlimited users with different access levels.
What can I do using the remote CCTV access?
Using a standard Internet Explorer browser you can access the CCTV for live video and audio monitoring. You can also playback previous footage. The remote access also allows you to backup any video to your local computer or usb flash drive. With the remote access you can change any settings on the DVR including the recording schedule, recording quality settings and much more.
How do I choose the correct camera for my installation?
Depending on your requirements we can choose the right camera type for your installation. In most cases for indoor use a standard 420tvl dome camera is ideal, unless you need a close-up detailed video. For close-up videos you will need the varifocal camera which allows to change the zoom. For outdoor use the vandal proof dome cameras will be ideal because they avoid any human intervention.
Why should I choose you?
The principles of VIP Consult are:
  1. Professionalism
  2. Responsibility
  3. Precision
  4. Clarity
  5. Honesty
How do I pay?
No advanced payment is due until the service is complete.Every customer is provided with a full invoice and payment can be done cash or using a debit or credit card.
Which regions do you cover and where are you based ?

Our main office is located in Bournemouth (South west), but we offer our services for customers anywhere in the UK.