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CCTV Monitor guide

CCTV monitor

CCTV monitor

With the latest CCTV systems you have the option to monitor it using your computer via the internet, connect it to a standalone CCTV monitor or both.

Most people would think that the digital video recorder will require a special monitor, but that is not true. They are actually quite universal and you can connect to a normal television, CRT Monitor or a flat screen TFT monitor.

If you are on a budget the CRT monitors would be you cheapest option as since the new TFT monitors flood the market you can literally find it free from a friend or someone else that don't need it anymore. The CRT monitors produce very good and clear picture with the only disadvantage that they are very big and heavy. Another fact is that are not very good for your eyes, but for a CCTV monitoring I wouldn't' expect you will watch it for too long.

TFT monitors start from only 15" and go as big as 24" with normal or wide aspect ratio. Wide screen are still more expensive and for CCTV monitoring we still consider the normal aspect ration TFT screen as a better choice.