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Security Systems

We have thoroughly tested most popular security systems on the market. Our research guarantees that our clients always get the best possible security systems at the most affordable price .

All alarm systems are backed up with the latest innovations in the technology. Our advanced CCTV systems include universal access , user friendly user interface backed up with the highest resolution for clear footage. This guarantees that any accident footage will be accepted by the Police authority.
Optionally we offer CCTV monitoring service for signal or connectivity loss.
90 days service warranty and 12 months equipment warranty.

Vip Consult IT office Center


  • 4, 8 or 16 channel CCTV Digital video recorder
  • Vandal proof high definition night vision cameras
  • One main monitor and additional spot monitor
  • High sensitive microphone
  • High quality screened coaxial or cat6 balun installation


  • Fastest reponse time
  • Can be installed on any location with GSM coverage
  • No need of a landline
  • No need of a landline

Latest Case Studies
Project Details:

G2A Developments contacted us to get a quote for a CCTV system at their latest project - a four story HMO near the city centre. Since the building was about to be redesigned inside - out, we decided to run cabling that will accommodate for future improvements of the CCTV system.

The most logical way to go about this...
Project Details:

Recently one of our customers called us with a request to relocate their office in a different part of the building. We went ahead to visit the site that day and it turned out that this would be a rather urgent job. We were facing a deadline in four days and to make things more interesting we also agreed to build the worktops in the office. We do...
Project Details:

We are happy to announce yet another successful CCTV security system installation. Tuckton Post office contacted us with a request to build a CCTV system capable of HD Video recording for extra picture quality.

After the initial inspection it became apparent that not all cameras needed to be high definition as some of them had to...
Project Details:
We are happy to announce another successful project with a full CCTV security system. The Luxury Care group in Bournemouth trusted us to install and maintain their CCTV systems for all of their sites in Bournemouth.

Each care home had specific needs and on some sites exclusively outdoor cameras were installed. With quality in mind, we used...
Project Details:

CCTV Installation Details

Parlour Coffee Shop is a newly open place in Bournemouth. We are proud to announce that they chose Vip Consult to implement the CCTV installations in the place. The time frame necessary to complete the installation was 3 days due to renovating the inside of the building.
We were working around the construction process, which was...
Project Details:

Chicken run – CCTV system

We add another happy customer to our VIP family – Chicken run. This is a local fast food restaurant that now is fully equipped with a reliable security system.
This case was tricky, because our team was supposed to run all of the cables above the existing ceiling, so that the good look of the restaurant remains. With lots of...
Total Cost: £665
Project Details:

Vip Consult has succeed once more in completing the security system for one of the well known language schools in our home town – BEET Language Center.

The way we achieved that was through installing eight night vision cameras.
The highest quality of the image taken by the cameras is due to the 600TVL resolution, which displays every detail perfectly....
Total Cost: £1721
Project Details:

We are proud to announce, that we just finished securing a razor beauty salon, which just opened in Bournemouth. The client put his trust in us to fully equip the place with the most appropriate secure system. We decided to achieve that through a combination of CCTV and Alarm System.
CCTV is an abbreviation for Closed-circuit television, which means that by using...

Total Cost: £899
Project Details:

The alarm system is based on the popular Texecom premier 24 control panel. It consists of eight sensors: door sensor, PIR (Passive Infrared sensor), fire, optical and smoke sensors etc. The whole system is combined with a GSM module for instant phone notifications. In order the alarm to last active for as long as possible, we made a connection to a powerful backup battery...

Total Cost: £499
Project Details:
High End Professional 8 Channels CCTV system for Proactive Investors in Bournemouth.
The system consists 4 external cameras and 2 internal with 1 audio channel for live monitoring. The high definition wide angle vandal proof night vision cameras offer the best real time monitoring...
Total Cost: £1079
Project Details:
Standard 4ch CCTV for a small shop with audio and internet access. The whole installation was completed in 8 hours using network balun connectors to allow connecting 2 cameras on one network cable.
Total Cost: £683
Project Details:
A standard 2 camera CCTV system for Fusion Saloon Bournemouth. The installation included running all the cables under the suspended ceiling and connected the DVR to their existing router for easy CCTV monitoring via the WEB.
Total Cost: £498
Project Details:
Replacing an existing video surveillance system which had some quality issues. We replaced all existing cables and installed 10 brand new dome cameras. The installation required replacing all cables, 10 new dome IR especially designed cameras which are easy to clean, 2 LCD monitors (one for the main office and one for the dining area) and 1 microphone.
Most IR dome...
Total Cost: £1818