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E-commerce Website Design for Letting Agency in Bournemouth

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Project Details: 
We came across a new and interesting project thanks to Let Direct Company. We replaced their outdated Letting Agency Website with the latest Drupal Content management system. Its functionality increased significantly and we are very proud of the result.

The main content structure includes around 10 static pages, two contact forms and two dynamic pages. The properties’ page lists all products and allows an advanced search according to their size, price, type and even the distance form a given post code.

In this case, the most challenging part was to integrate Google maps into each of the listed property. We wanted to ease the website’ users and point out the exact location of the property they are interested in. The marker highlights the move of the mouse on top of it to mark and show which property it belongs to.
Each property includes around 10 text fields providing details and allows uploading unlimited amount of pictures organized in a nicely designed JQuery gallery. One of the static pages also includes a convenient mortgage calculator.
The website enables user registration and Let Direct Company has future plans to expand the registration options to fit the needs of landlords with even more advanced features. The registration and the contact form include image captcha, which reduces automated spam submission.

Our goal with this project was to incorporate user-friendly functions to increase the experience of the visitors. We were very happy to work together with Let Direct Company and to build a website that will help their customers find easily what they are looking for.
Project Duration: 
7 days
Project Modules: 
Google Maps, Image Captcha, Jquery Gallery, Advanced Search
Latest Case Studies
Project Details:

Before we take over, the visitors of the site were experiencing some major problems related to the server setup. Now, those are long forgotten. As a result, we have achieved zero downtime, meaning the site is without any service interruptions. Additionally, we have configured a load balanced setup in order to resist ddos attacks and handle traffic peaks...

Project Details:

One of our clients decided to start the New Year with a makeover of their London office. We have already done some work there - PBX, CCTV, LAN and server setup, so we knew the place. What we did not know was that we will have to carry out this job in the end of that same week. With very little time to plan, we scrambled to source equipment for...
Project Details:

Our Vip Consult family expands with every day. The number of grateful customers is constantly rising and we are the happiest knowing that their businesses grow with our help. Today we will introduce you to the Wentworth Facial Plastic Surgery – a renowned clinic that came up to us with the request to strengthen their brand by re-designing their website and making it an...

Project Details:

Personalized service customized according to our clients' needs


        We are more than happy to announce the launching of our new management portal loaded with features. You might wonder why we have decided not to use a third-party system. If we did so, which one could we choose over all the existing systems. Our services are quite specific. One single...

Project Details:

Recently one of our customers called us with a request to relocate their office in a different part of the building. We went ahead to visit the site that day and it turned out that this would be a rather urgent job. We were facing a deadline in four days and to make things more interesting we also agreed to build the worktops in the office. We do...
Project Details:
Simple and clean design built on Drupal
Total Cost: 199
Project Details:

Springtime is all about getting rid of the old and welcoming the new. We at Vip Consult are fond of following the natural cycles and therefore decided to update our server infrastructure. We completed a full overhaul and here are the most interesting insights about this challenging project. 

What we wanted to achieve...

Project Details:
The management of The Carisbrooke Hotel approached us with a request to check if we can improve the performance of their existing WiFi system. They said that in many of the online reviews left by their guests, it was mentioned that the wireless Internet at the hotel was slow and inadequate, so they asked us to investigate and offer a solution for this problem...
Project Details:
This case was undoubtedly an interesting one!!!

We were approached by a company in need for a technician to replace their failed flash array controller from pure storage. The new controller was delayed by one day leading to rescheduling the initial appointment we have made. Once it arrived, we were ready for the swap.

The new controller was...
Project Details:
For this particular installation we have used a newly purchased Dell T110 power edge server.
The specifications of the server allowed us to setup a local as well as online file sharing system. For the local and the online file sharing we made sure everything is as safe as possible, thus we included different user levels. The online file sharing in particular allows any...
Project Details:
In Vip Consult it is our policy to be always loyal and with a friendly attitude. Thus, it is common that we maintain a positive relationship with our customers even after they have benefited from our services. In many cases we even meet with acquaintances of our former customers that are in search of services within the IT area. The same situation applies for our last customer...
Total Cost: £199
Project Details:
We came across a new and interesting project thanks to Let Direct Company. We replaced their outdated Letting Agency Website with the latest Drupal Content management system. Its functionality increased significantly and we are very proud of the result.

The main content structure includes around 10 static pages, two contact forms and two dynamic pages. The...
Project Details:
The project involved improving the existing Ethernet network and installing the newest Windows Server 2008. We took care of setting up everything properly and creating specific share groups with various privileges.

Our team is now responsible for monitoring and long term server maintenance, in order to make sure that everything develops the way we expect to....
Project Details:
Raid server, or also known as Redundant Array of Independent Disks, is a storage technology that integrates multiple disk drive components into a logical unit. Raid 5 Server requires all drivers but one to be present to operate normally.

The server of the Cash Registers Company is using an Adaptec Raid 5 controller and the existing storage was gradually running out...
Project Details:
Wenworth Clinic is a private surgery clinic in Bournemouth. They needed a centralized database for their clients, as well as a centralized booking system that will be shared among all of the staff members and it will be accessible from anywhere on the internet.

For that case we have developed a bespoke booking system. The reason is that It allows the hold of the...
Project Details:
JP Morgan is a data center in Bournemouth that had a problem with their fax server. Our team did an immediate onsite visit to explore the situation closely.
JP Morgan complained that the server lost network connectivity. After we examined, we found out surprising news. The diagnostic showed, the cause is not related to the server itself, but to an unstable voltage power...
Project Details:

Vip Consult has succeed once more in completing the security system for one of the well known language schools in our home town – BEET Language Center.

The way we achieved that was through installing eight night vision cameras.
The highest quality of the image taken by the cameras is due to the 600TVL resolution, which displays every detail perfectly....
Total Cost: £1721
Project Details:
The website includes a primary and a secondary menu with image slideshow for each page. It is with bespoke design and 3 months of SEO which brought the website on first page for the main keywords
Total Cost: £199
Project Details:
The company wanted to add some extra functions on his existing website. Their current website was coded in pure html and to add the extra functions we had rebuilt and existing website. Additionally we did some changes in the header and the menu organisation. It includes 2 main menus to navigate through 20 different pages. The SEO service included major onsite optimization and...
Total Cost: £298
Project Details:
Online Art Gallery website which brings together talented artists and present their work. All website visitors can rate the artist and there is a section of the website which presents the top 5 artists based on the users ratings. An automated Jquery slideshow select 6 random paintings and cycles them in the right side column.
Total Cost: £199
Project Details:
Very simple website whose main purpose is to work as a catalog and offer a contact form. The car catalog is managed by the car dealer company and they upload all car images and insert the details. The catalog offers different filters for Car Type, Transmission and Fuel to help visitors narrow down their search. All car images are presented with a jquery slideshow with an...
Total Cost: £199
Project Details:
The company operates in the sector of hair styles and beauty and now expanding their business to offer import and export courier services. Most of the design for the website was taken from their existing hair and beauty website to follow their branding style and we have redesigned some small parts in the header. The website includes a CMS system with shipments order form.
Total Cost: £199
Project Details:
It includes a simple clean blue-white website design with 360 degrees view for each apartment. Each apartment has price table and short description of the rooms. The initial idea of the website was to take automated bookings through the website and to show availability calendar. This option has been later passed to a third party company to manage all bookings so the extra...
Total Cost: £399
Project Details:
Basic 5 page website with translation of the home page to 6 different languages. The home page includes a javascript slideshow of all properties managed by the company.
Total Cost: £199