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Based on the most popular content management system (Drupal), your website can gather thousands of additional modules, which puts no limits to its capacity!

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Latest Case Studies
Project Details:
We came across a new and interesting project thanks to Let Direct Company. We replaced their outdated Letting Agency Website with the latest Drupal Content management system. Its functionality increased significantly and we are very proud of the result.

The main content structure includes around 10 static pages, two contact forms and two dynamic pages. The...
Project Details:
Online Art Gallery website which brings together talented artists and present their work. All website visitors can rate the artist and there is a section of the website which presents the top 5 artists based on the users ratings. An automated Jquery slideshow select 6 random paintings and cycles them in the right side column.
Total Cost: £199
Project Details:
Very simple website whose main purpose is to work as a catalog and offer a contact form. The car catalog is managed by the car dealer company and they upload all car images and insert the details. The catalog offers different filters for Car Type, Transmission and Fuel to help visitors narrow down their search. All car images are presented with a jquery slideshow with an...
Total Cost: £199
Project Details:
The website is strictly designed to match the identity of the company and its already developed brand. Apart from this, everything is constructed upon WYSIWYG editor, which allows an easy management of the pages due to the close correspondence of the code to the actual displayed product. Also, the website is fully built through Drupal, the most popular and common used CMS (...
Total Cost: £1600