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We don't do PPC .
Pay per click is an easy way to get on first page, but this is not the best way to get customers.
First page on Google Generic Results!

Latest Case Studies
Project Details:
The website includes a primary and a secondary menu with image slideshow for each page. It is with bespoke design and 3 months of SEO which brought the website on first page for the main keywords
Total Cost: £199
Project Details:
Online Art Gallery website which brings together talented artists and present their work. All website visitors can rate the artist and there is a section of the website which presents the top 5 artists based on the users ratings. An automated Jquery slideshow select 6 random paintings and cycles them in the right side column.
Total Cost: £199
What is the differences between PPC and generic results

PPC (pay per click) is a service offered directly from Google where you pay Google to put you on first page. You pay every time a visitor clicks on your website. This method is 2-3 times more expensive then generic SEO , but it is the quickest way to get on first page without any additional advertising. PPC results are displayed above all other results in a block with different colour.
Pay Per Click is only active as long as you keep paying Google to put you on first page.

Is my SEO position permanent?

Like any other advertising you need to refresh it every few months to get the most of it.
It is good practise to make a SEO campaign every 3 months.